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  • New Annex Agricultural crops 2023


    The new Annex Agricultural crops is published. The Annex is valid from January 1st 2023.

    The only modification concerns Summer wheat, which has been included again in the National Annex. For 2023 there is enough organic supply available.

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  • Annex vegetables open cultivation 2023 is published


    The new Annex 2023 for vegetables open cultivation is in force as from January 1th 2023.

    Leek, other than overwintering and regrowth, will be placed on category 1 as from July 1 2023. This is the most important change in the table.

    The herbs are placed together down below in the category columns of the Annex table.

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  • New Annex vegetable and fruit crops covered cultivation 2023 published


    The new Annex for vegetables and fruit crops for covered cultivation 2023 has been published. The Annex is valid from 15 October 2022 to 1 October 2023.

    Headed lettuce is categorized into headed lettuce for cold cultivation and for winter cultivation. The last has been included into category 2 because there is less offer. Lettuce Lolla rossa type has been moved to category 2 because there is less offer.

    Sweet pepper - blocky - yellow has been added to the National Annex (category1). This means that no derogation is possible.

    Sweet pepper - coned - yellow and orange have been added to category 2. This is a new sub-crop.

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